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About Us

The objective of the Michigan Men’s Ministries is to provide assistance to the various men’s ministries throughout the churches of our Network by means of shared ideas and disciple forming experiences.  We are here to minister to Men's Ministries no matter the size or distance.  We count it a privilege to partner with our men’s leaders and pastors whether in the initial phase of starting a men’s ministry or an established and vibrant men’s community.

Here are some of the principal ways that we provide assistance and support. 

  • Fellowship Opportunities: Through encounters, conferences, breakfasts, and more, we work to provide opportunities for men to join together in a safe and Christ-focused environment.

  • Discipleship Resources: If your Men's Ministry is in need of finding material for devotions or bible studies, we are ready to assist to find simple, affordable options that contain a Spirit-filled Gospel message.

  • Statewide News: through our website, e-newsletter, and social networks, we are continually on the lookout for men's ministry events and updates we can share with churches throughout the state to stay connected and on top of what is happening in the Michigan District

  • Encounters & Conferences: Every fall we host a 1-night, 2-day men's encounter with many outdoor activities, guest speakers and great food.  We also partner with Brightmoor Christian Church in Novi every April to present the Invincible Men's Conference.

  • Outreach Opportunities:  We are capable in connecting you with volunteer and fundraising projects that can help your men bond together and become an influencer in the surrounding community. 

  • Arranging Speakers:  We count it a privilege to provide speakers from the Men's Ministry team or to provide references to other great men's speakers if you have a special event that requires a guest presenter.  

  • Connecting Ministries:  We partner with several different organizations which supports the model and value of Men's Ministry.  We have the ability to connect your men's ministry with other organizations, businesses, or missionaries.  

  • Supporting Your Leaders: We have a heart for pastors and men's leaders who give of themselves to minister to others daily.  We offer compassion and guidance along with resources on leadership and organization.  

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