Men's Ministry raises money for two main purposes.  We appreciate all donations no matter the size.  See below for more details.  If you would like to donate another way or give for a specific purpose please contact us.  

Our ministry needs prayer and help financially to coordinate and facilitate Men's Ministry opportunities throughout the Michigan District.  We strive to be able to expand the number of resources, events, and connections available for Men's in the state of Michigan to continue to grow as men of God to become leaders in their families, churches, and businesses. 

90 / 10

90% of the money donated to the Men's Ministry stays in the Men's Ministry and goes directly to improving our ministry for you including planning events, purchasing equipment, improving promotions, and more.  

10% of the money donated to the Men's Ministry is tithed to other ministries as the need arises.  To date, ministries that have been impacted include Michigan Royal Rangers, Lost Valley Bible Camp among others.  We believe in leading the way to be "Better Together."

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Light for the Lost is the missional arm of Men's Ministry.  LFTL provides audio, visual, printed, and technical materials to support our missionaries' efforts to evangelize around the world.  Your sacrificial giving assists LFTL in its continuing effort to provide the Message of Hope to people all over the world who need Jesus. 

80 / 10 / 10

80% of the money donated to LFTL is given directly to missionaries for approved projects.  We will always strive to support Michigan District missionaries first.  

10% of the money donated to LFTL stays with the national LFTL office to continue serving administrative and promotional functions.

10% of the money comes back to Michigan LFTL and can be used for promotions, events, and other ways to support LFTL.

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