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Warrior's Journey

Family Camp | August 22-25, 2024

The Vision

The mission of the Warrior’s Journey organization is to help warriors and their families discover and grow in their journey with God by providing contextual opportunities to participate in an active faith community of believers.  Far too often, the sacrifice of the families of the enlisted Men and Women who are called overseas to serve go totally unnoticed and often many families become another causality of war.  Missed birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries add up and the transition from warrior back to civilian can be hard for soldiers and for their families who must readjust as well.  But our hearts say no more!  God has a better plan.  He has a better purpose for your family. By bringing together resources, godly guidance, and quality time for families in the fun and safe environment that only a camp atmosphere can deliver, our goal for the Warrior’s Journey Family Camp is to unite and restore military families that are in or still feeling this transition back to civilian life.

Activities & 

There is a plethora of activities at camp for any family to enjoy during activity and free times!


All meals will be provided in the Lost Valley dining hall. Our buffet, all-you-can-eat style of dining is great for the whole family.


Motel-style, bunk lodging, and campsites are available based on your family’s preference. 


Be ready for powerful worship time, testimony, and encouragement.  We are excited about this great lineup of speakers.

Small Groups

Warriors, spouses, and youth/kids will get a chance to connect with others going through the same situations.

Camp Activities

Families can spend their free time playing games, relaxing at the beachfront or on the water, challenging themselves with high adventure activities, riding around the go-cart track, enjoying treats from the Lost Valley Snack Shop and more!



Kevin Weaver

Kevin serves as President/CEO and Co-Founder of The Warrior’s Journey and is a US Air Force veteran. Leveraging his 30 years of pastoral leadership experience, he is helping develop and advance the vision of The Warrior’s Journey.  Kevin and is wife KyAnne have 3 sons and 5 grandchildren.


Ernie Bywater

Ernie is the Operations Director at The Warriors Journey and is a 14-year veteran of the US Air Force.  After their military service Ernie and his wife Carrie spent 17 years in pastoral ministry serving Northern Michigan. Ernie and Carrie now reside in Springfield, MO and have 3 grown children. 


Blake Leitch

Blake reported to his Active Duty Unit on the morning of 9/11. In his six short years in the Infantry, he received many awards.  Battling PTSD, Blake has traveled around the country after returning from the military, sharing his experiences in the army and, more importantly, in combat, which has helped him be a better man of God. 


The Warrior's Journey Family Camp is only $50 per family thanks to our generous sponsors!  This price includes lodging, food, and activities.

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